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Franklin Village Cemetery I had been looking for at least a decade for someone to restore and repair a family tombstone dated 1880 that had fallen and broken into several pieces. It was a very ornate and quite lovely work but in pretty bad shape from  lying face down for years.             My search ended when the Director of the Historic Franklin, Mi cemetery introduced sisters Laura and Andrea from Sacred Spaces at the Memorial Day service. One year later we got together and today Mary Jane's tombstone stands tall and straight and beautifully restored.  Laura and Andrea are artists, perfectionists at their craft l and students of the genre.     I love their work and loved working with them.  Finally I feel quite good about hiring two young women who are starting a business they are obviously so passionate about.   They did a beautiful job and my family is very pleased.  I shall not forget the experience of working with these  sisters who take such pride and joy in their work. Alice Grinnell 
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       Program at Kezar Library What a fantastic program that you ladies put on! The show was education and VERY entertaining. The audience really loved the photos and your love of what you do is contagious to the crowd. I will highly recommend your program to other libraries and groups! Stacie Guzzo
               Norup International School             Youth Legacy Day Norup International would like to thank Sacred Spaces for a wonderful learning expereince! Our students were able to gain valuable insight into the life and times of many Civil War veterans. Learning to restore gravestones taught students to appreciate and respect sacred places. The Sacred Spaces staff was informative and engaging and our students came away with a better understanding of local and national history.   Thank you Sacred Spaces! Megan Petersen
In Remembrance of our loved ones: We honor you & the legacy you left for the generations to come.
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2010 - Continuum: Franklin Village Cemetery Private Family Plots / Gravestones Restoration/ Repairs Otsego Cemetery Waters, MI Private Family Plots / Gravestones Restoration/ Repairs Resurrection Cemetery Clinton Township, MI Private Family Plots / Gravestones Restoration/ Bay Mills Native American Burial Ground, MI Restorative Gravestone Repairs Assumption Grotto Detroit MI Private Family Plots / Gravestones Restoration/ 2017 Our Clients - Schedule   TBA Otsego Cemetery Waters, MI Basic Restoration Workshop - Waters, MI
Kezar Library Romeo, MI        Lecture - History Mystery & Mojo of Graveyards   Annual Event: Youth Legacy Day Norup International School   Honoring the historical past of a community.       Organized cemetery community service project
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