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A word or two …  from Andrea: The restored headstone featured in the picture to the left beautifully reflects the end result of my professional detailed work and what CAN be achieved with Sacred Spaces LLC  "graveyard artistry" touch.   We are humbled and honored to be privileged to partake in graveyard restoration and bring forth the dignity of those who have passed on. Sacred Spaces LLC is confident that you will be 100% thrilled with the quality of our professional services. Sacred Spaces is dedicated to keep gravesites historically correct with the greatest respectability. All work is done according to strict preservation guidelines and protocols. We have been asked many times if this picture has been photo shopped but it is NOT!
Before: Sugared Headstone
   After Restoration

Sacred Spaces LLC : Services Offers:

Onsite gravestone artistry services in the United States and Canada. All work is done according to strict preservation guideline protocols.                                                                                         Fully insured LLC company.  By hand detailed cleaning. Straightening / leveling of gravestones. Resetting of gravesites.    Repair cracks - separated fragmented stones.                                                                                                                                                                                Locate sunken gravestones / fragmented separated segments.                                                                                                                         We provide a detailed assessment of recommended restoration services. Documentation and report of the restoration services implemented.                                                                                         We provide our clients with a personalized photo album to showcase their restoration project.

Historically accurate documentation of cemetery burials via text listing or photographic database.                                                  

Basic and Advanced Restoration Workshops for organized groups / Fascinating Presentations

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