About Us

Sacred Spaces Graveyard Artistry was established in June 2010 to serve the community. Sacred Spaces is a fully insured family owned business founded by sisters Andrea Klinken and Laura Ghedotte who envisioned combining their cemetery artistry workmanship and creative solutions to offer a unique approach towards historical cemetery restoration and preservation. Andrea Klinken has acquired 9+ years of hands on experience and training with the various complex aspects of cemetery restoration and financial planning through her dedicated involvement as a active key member of the Washington Township Cemetery Restoration Committee located in Michigan. In June 2010 Andrea resigned from her position on the Cemetery Restoration Committee to utilize her cemetery artistry skills and establish Sacred Spaces LLC. Laura Ghedotte has acquired training in restoration processes / techniques and also tends to the operations of Sacred Spaces. Laura shares the passion for historical cemeteries and preservation of the historical past. Sacred Spaces is committed to staying abreast of advances in the field of graveyard restoration processes to provide top notch service.
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